Pacific Northwest Cornish Society

Society Activities

When and Where do we meet?

We have three meetings of the society each year: early March, recognizing Cornwall's patron saint, St. Piran; August, the annual meeting and election of officers; and October. The July meeting is at Fort Borst Park in Centralia, the March meeting is in Puyallup, and the October meeting is in Vancouver, WA.

What do we do?

Each meeting features a program focused on Cornish culture, history,language, music, genealogy, travel - anything related to Cornwall. There's time to get acquainted with others of Cornish heritage and swap family information.

1st Annual Picnic


2nd Annual Picnic


3rd Annual Picnic


4th Annual Picnic


5th Annual Picnic


6th Annual Picnic


7th Annual Picnic


8th Annual Picnic